Wednesday, July 27, 2011

...I'm Back

Hello friends. Its been awhile since I was on hiatus from this blog. It seems like there are still visitors here so I figure its best to keep old and new friends updated on my recent artistic adventures. Here are some recent photos of my plein air outings along the coast of California.


  1. Thanks Roberta! Hope to catch up to your postings!!

  2. Dude, I wanna go plein air painting with you some time, I can't find anyone to go with.

  3. I really like the composition in the painting you got going here. I also like the contrast of the blues and oranges. Real nice job! Keep posting!!

  4. hey steve, i'll set something up in the LA area. a couple people have been asking me about going painting too.

    Lina, thanks for your kind words. i checked out your blog and i'm diggin' your very loose and confident line work too!

  5. Hey dear this amazing place

  6. sooo beautiful post, I like the lake, the sky!

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