Mission Statement

“Refugees of War Creating Images for Peace”

  • The artwork and designs we produce are themes of war aimed to educate the audience of historical events and the complex human stories behind them.
  • We also create art that’s just for the sole purpose of pleasurable aesthetics to remind people of the beautiful moments of life as well.
  • We want to make sure that we do our part in giving back to the global community instead of just capitalizing to make profits.

The PaperAmmo Company provides quality education along with unique hand made goods and supplies for artists, freedom fighters and forward thinkers. It was founded by Wattana Khommarath, an active member of the World Wide Art Community with a home base in San Diego, CA. Originally started off as a blog,, the “Homie Support” network kept pushing for the creation of artwork and prints for the public to have access to for purchase. 

Our artwork and craftsmanship is crafted with care and a labour of love. All pieces on the shop are limited items. Original paintings will always be one of a kind. Every hand crafted print is quite privy with its subtleties . Digital prints will always be limited to low numbers to ensure that it keeps us busy with creating new art along with rewarding the buyer that every piece bought will create value in your investment. At The PaperAmmo Company we believe in speaking with sincerity through our artwork. We strive for originality and longevity in our work, often inspired by the wisdom and knowledge of our past, present, and future generations. The artworks created here are always evolving, never settling for the status quo, and made to inspire.

We have recently partnered with The International Rescue Committee, more specifically with their San Diego branch, to help raise awareness of the refugee crisis.  As of July 2017, a percentage of proceeds from all purchases will be donated to The IRC. In addition to monetary donations, The PaperAmmo Co. will also be participating in art based events with The IRC as well. We feel that this is the best way to give back, full circle. Namaste.

About The Founder
Wattana Khommarath
It was clear early on in life Wattana was meant to be an artist. As a child he discovered a love for drawing while growing up in refugee camps across Thailand and France. This love developed into a true passion not only for art, but for teaching and mentoring. His signature on his artistic works is signed as “EKG!”, his Laotian nickname that’s derived from the word “Ekarath” which translates to Independence/Freedom Fighter. In 2002 Wattana went on to graduate with a BFA from the CalArts Character Animation Program, where he also participated in the first Arts Pedagogy Class. After nearly 20 years of teaching everyone from children to adults, Wattana’s artistic arsenal includes everything from character design and animation, to water color and life drawing, and everything in between. His former students have gone to work at many high profile studios such as Disney, Pixar, Cartoon Network, Bungie, EA Dice, Nokia, Rockstar, Ready at Dawn, Naughty Dog, and Sony; along with one that even formed her own GLAS International Animation Festival.
He is currently working as an independent artist, providing artist mentorship workshops and traveling the world to teach. 
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