Workshops… Summer Classes… Cat Book Party!!!

New watercolor workshop just added!!! This time around it will be learning how gouache and watercolor works together. The first time around the workshop was practically sold out within the first day of posting. So if you are interested make sure to sign up A.S.A.P. And tomorrow, Saturday, April 23, we still have spaces left for the Landscape Sketching Workshop. Hope to see you there!!

We are also wondering what other workshops and classes you would like to have? The PaperAmmo Co. also tailors mentorship programs too thats super beneficial for a unique one-on-one learning experience.  As for now we just added some 2 week summer classes on traditional animation. Click on this link to navigate to the Classes section of the website.

And last but not least… The Annie and Athena cat book project is still ongoing!!! The Kickstarter event will be on Friday May 6th from 5:30-8 PM here at The PaperAmmo Company. More info here and also on our Facebook page as well. Come and support!!! It would mean a lot. If you cannot make it then an online presence of a generous donation to the project will be greatly appreciated.

Have an excellent weekend everyone. Thanks for visiting and see you again soon!!!