Post Comic-Con 2017

Its been about a good month since SD Comic-Con 2017 has just passed. Thanks again for all the love and support of both new and old friends & family that stopped by. The response to the booth, artwork and my staff have been excellent. Here’s just a few snapshots of  the visitors that came by this year. ‘Til next time… 2018 we’re coming for you!!!



San Diego Comic Con 2016

Great things are coming your way =)

The PaperAmmo Co. will be located at Booth #4419. Swing by and visit to check out the goods and supplies that we will be selling. Also, promotional work of Annie and Athena will be at the booth for sale and also for preview. Hope you can make it to the Comic Con. We look forward to seeing you there!!!

…so much going on!!!


SD Comic-Con preps going underway!!! The Annie and Athena project is in full swing. Again, thanks to everyone that participated and promoted the book project. We definitely have a lot to do to get some promotional materials ready for the con and setting a productive schedule to get the book done by mid-October. You can follow the updates on the project more closely on our Facebook page:


Our good friend Ryan Benjamin will be the guest artist for the next First Fridays at Liberty Station on July 1st, from 6-10 PM. He’ll be signing original artwork, prints and books. Swing by and check out the comic con goods produced by The PaperAmmo Co. as well!!!


Our other good friend NACU will also be at the studio on First Fridays to sell some of his gear as well. So if you missed out on the last event you can catch him here on the next First Fridays event on July 1st.


Animation Cel Painting

Saturday, June 4th, 2016. From 1-4 PM.

***This event has been moved from May 21st to June 4th. We would like to prepare a bit more for this workshop so thank you for understanding and rescheduling with us.***

Come learn the lost and rare art form of animation cel painting. After the workshop you’ll be able to create a fine piece of art that may be hung over a mantle and/or given as a gift to a loved one. Cost of the workshop is just $45 for 3 hrs of instruction and materials will be provided as well. Seating is limited to 5 people so sign up quick.

Materials Provided: Animation cel, brushes, acrylic palette, drawing paper, pencils, pens markers and scissors.

Please contact us for more information.

Sign up here:


Abstract Animation Design

Saturday, May 7th, 2016. From 1-4 PM.

This workshop will cover the beautiful art form of animation design. Costs of the workshop is just $45 for 3 hrs of instruction. Seating is limited to 5 people so sign up quick.

We will provide materials to work with for the workshop. Please always bring/carry a sketchbook with you for ideas and notes.

Please contact us for more information.

Sign up here: